The Balochistan Education Foundation (BEF) is an independent and autonomous organization established by the Government of Balochistan for strengthening private sector schools and, raising the standard of education in the province.

Management Structure

The Board has approved a new management and organizational structure, and the BEF is operational under this structure. Key management and staff positions have been filled. A Managing Director with four Directors, who form the core team at the BEF, heads the BEF.   


To make a concerted effort towards provision of quality education up to the secondary level with the assistance of the private and non-government sector in Balochistan.

Overview of the operations section:

Operations section is the custodian of BEF Program and is mainly responsible for Programme Planning and Implementation of all components of BEF. Currently BEF is managing three components; a. Community School (CS), b. Private Schools (PS) and c. Accelerated Learning Program (ALP) with the support of the DFID;

  1. Community Schools (CS). The CS were established in rural areas of Balochistan during 2007 to 2009 with the support of the World Bank and the Government of Balochistan. The CS are run by Community School Teacher (CST) and managed and monitored by the respective Parent Teacher School Management Committee (PTSMC) at village level. The salary and non-salary cost of CS is released by the Government of Balochistan through one-line transfer to BEF. BEF further releases the funds to CST and PTSMC account for salary and non-salary cost.
  2. Private Schools (PS): in 2015 the Balochistan Private Educational Institutions Registration and Regulation Authority Act (BPEIRRA) was passed and BEF was entrusted with the mandate to administer, manage and regulate the Private Educational Institutions (PEIs). Since then, more than 1250 PEI have been registered with BEF.
  3. Teach & Educate With Community Help (TEACH): TEACH an, Accelerated Learning Program (ALP) supported by the FCDO started in 2019 focusing 05 districts of Balochistan i.e. Noshki, Chagai, Kharan, Piahin and Killah Abdullah with the target of 12000 girl children age 10-13.


The key objectives of the Operations section are to:

  • To formulate policy guidelines for implementation of BEF programs
  • Ensure implementation of BEF programs in line with the policies, procedures and recommendations of BEF BoDs and the Government of Balochistan


  • Coordination with line departments, donors, agencies and Government for fund raising;
  • Prepare working papers for sub committees and BEF BoDs;
  • Prepare SoPs for implementation of BEF program activities;
  • Ensure all BEF CS receive textbooks on time;
  • Participate in review meeting at Provincial and national level;
  • Establishment of Community Schools (CS) in rural areas of Balochistan;
  • Relocation and revitalization of closed and problematic CS;
  • Training and development of Community School Teachers (CST), Parent Teacher; School Management Committees (PTSMC) and BEF staff;
  • Arrange peer learning workshops, seminars, conferences with stakeholders, communities, teachers, PTSMCs and Private School unions;
  • Conduct Mid Term Review Meetings with BEF regional staff
  • Contract management;
  • Complaint management;
  • Registration and management of Private Educational Institutions.
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