At BEF, professional MEAL team headed by Director M&E is placed at head office level supported by regional monitoring staff. A regular tracking, gathering and analyzing of monitoring data is fully automated based on real-time home-based developed apps. All field staff use the same application and data on several key performance and compliance indicators, tools and processes is transmitted to BEF Data Base.

M&E activities include:

  1. Process, output and outcome monitoring,
  2. Data quality check & data audit,
  3. Various qualitative and quantities surveys/studies
  4. Classroom observations,
  5. Participatory monitoring;
  6. Engagement of communities at large through FGDs and other such tools;
  7. EGRA, EGMA diagnostic testing,
  8. Provision of support in mid, end line evaluation studies by external,
  9. Support provision in establishment of proactive and reactive feedback channels,
  10. Drafting success stories and case studies etc.
  11. Validation and verification visits and surveys;
  12. Baseline surveys
  13. Professional Development and Capacity Enhancement initiatives of MEAL staff

For an effective MEAL role, a three-tiered monitoring framework is developed. BEF believes in community engagement and participation. Therefore, the very 1st monitoring tier at village level is PTSMCs. 2nd monitoring tier is BEF district-based field staff who regularly carry out monitoring visits to each assigned school at least once a month.  The 3rd tier of monitoring is BEF head office monitoring staff who periodically on sample basis visit schools to ascertain the schools factual position and provide support to teachers, PTSMC members and district based field staff.

Besides the above 3 tier monitoring arrangement, RTSM teams and officials from SED also on and off visit the schools and report to BEF on schools’ operations.

M&E section at BEF also has developed and implemented M&E framework describing various   key performance, process and compliance indicators for various projects in order to track and measure success of any program under BEFs ambit.