What is BEF?

BEF was set up as an independent and autonomous organization in 1994 through the Act of Provincial Assembly with the aim to improve the state of education in the province. BEF is a rapidly growing development organization which aims to bring lasting solutions in the Education sector through public-private and community partnership models.

Until 2006, BEF was managing small annual grants from the returns of seed money granted by USAID as endowment fund. The grants aimed for provision of missing facilities and assistance to support infrastructure work in private sector educational institutions.

In 2006, BEF was entrusted with a role of an Apex body to implement World Bank funded Balochistan Education Support Project (BESP, 2006-2014) under which BEF successfully carried out the following:

Key objective of the BESP project was the promotion of public-private and community partnerships in order to improve access to quality primary education, in particular for girls. It is pertinent to mention that the project has sustained successfully & rated satisfactory in WB project completion report as it has now financial backing from GoB. Post-project recurrent cost of BEF Community Schools comes for GoB which covers salaries of teachers and non-salary cost of schools.

BEF as an important education entity, pioneered the community led & community driven models and public private partnership in Balochistan by introducing urban fellowship, rural fellowship and community schools in the rural areas of Balochistan.


Increased Enrollment, improved retention, high Completion and Transition with special focus on girls participation through Public-Private Partnership & Community Engagement.


To make a concerted effort towards provision of quality education up to the secondary level with the assistance of the private and non-government sector.


Community Engagement, Innovation, Integrity, Commitment, Team Work, Patriotism, Tolerance & Respect for Diversity, Promotion of Public-Private Partnership.

PPP interventions:

BEF vision and mission are aligned with PPP and its emphasis is on promotion of education through PPP in Balochistan. It is for the reason that PPP is outcome based, cost effective & has outreach to the marginalized population of the province.

BEF is the pioneer organization that for the first time introduced Low-cost Private Girls Fellowship Schools across Balochistan on PPP mode between 1999 to 2005. BEF established 49 fellowship primary schools and now most of those schools are sustainable education delivery institutions having more than 15,000 students.

Most of the schools are have now reached to secondary and higher secondary level in urban and semi-urban areas of Balochistan. Fellowship model was a great success. In terms of provision of quality education to low income quintile, Girls Fellowship schools are the best sustainable model. The models of BEF-led & tested schools were then replicated in other sister provinces for the promotion of education. Similarly, during 2007 to 2010, BEF again succeeded to establish 197 Private schools through PPP model in 23 districts of Balochistan.


Balochistan Education Foundation
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Shalimar Town, Airport Road Quetta
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